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India’s first Digital Charging Kiosk

ChargeIn is India’s first DIGITAL charging kiosk whom made for people who are busy for business over mobile phone and worry about battery dragging/ lost power! We have created most useful and powerful charging digital locker which are provide security of your smart phone as well charge mobile phone in very less time. So user/ people can place their smart phones, tablets in locker and charged their mobile phone easily. User have not to worry about any uncertainty for lost of mobile phone or theft of phone, it’s fully secure locker.

Kiosk is completely 4G based and have Android OS which are upgradable. Kiosk have capacity to charge 22 mobile phone as well as 2 tablets in one time. Smart phone with 3000 mAh battery will charge 80% in one hour! If any hospital, bank, temple or airport use this kiosk then user will secure their mobile phone as well charged in very less hours.

Stay tuned for more updates! Than you for reading this blog.