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Worry No More
About Battery Draining!
Keep Your Gadgets Charged Always”

In this age of technological advancement, where an increasing number of people rely on their smartphones and tablets, our advanced technology ensures that the gadgets remain at your disposal at all times, no matter where you are. With more and more games, apps and the boom of E commerce and high usage of smart phones, it is high time we have solution to the mounting battery training issue faced by people everywhere.

Stay Connected

The smart charging Kiosk is designed to be your support at malls, movie halls, public places and hospitals where enough charging points are not easy to find.

Keep Your Phone Safe

You phone is safe while being charged as the kiosk comes with secured lockers to place the phone and relax without having to worry about losing it.

Revenue Generating

The Kiosk comes with32-inch screen for commercial digital displays and advertisements.

24x7 Support

Our customer support call centre is there to help you for all your queries.

What is ChargeIN?

ChargeIn is “India’s First Digital Charging Kiosk”. As an innovative mobile and tablet charging kiosk provider, the company lays great emphasis on portability, attractiveness, ease of use and higher visibility. We aim to power India with a fool-proof charging support.

ChargeIn Overview

ChargeIn provides not just a mobile charging solution, but also includes a 32-inch screen intended for digital signage and display of video ads. Installed at the top of the charging kiosk, this screen displays targeted commercials and announcements based on various parameters like location and event for engaging with and reaching out to the targeted audience.

Multiple videos can be uploaded to the screen for display. So while providing charging facilities to consumers, we also cater to businesses that need exposure in public places by providing advertising facilities 24×7, all year long.

How Does ChargeIn Work?

ChargeIn kiosks make use of the latest Windows based real-time cloud services for quick display. These are easy to operate, by means of an intuitive touchscreen display, and have colour changing LED lights for status indication. At the lowest rates in the industry, we provide an immensely valuable service with a continuous flow of customers that can give traction to established and emerging advertisers alike in public spaces. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, the billing is based on real-time usage.

Technologically Advanced
Catering to Masses

Let’s look at the
multiple benefits
that ChargeIn


Our charging kiosk includes 24 secured lockers with doors for individual charging to keep your device safe while its battery is being charged and you are away.


Our kiosks are compatible with all mobile devices, including phones, tablets and gadgets from brands like Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, Apple, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, Sony, etc.

Visual Appeal:

These kiosks are designed to be visually appealing while having sufficient room to include custom company logo and graphics as per clients’ requirements.


The kiosks we provide are portable and can be places anywhere for a long term or short term depending upon the needs of a particular client.

Dual Benefit:

While charging serves as a useful solution for individual users requiring charging stations in public places, it also serves the rising requirement of higher visibility amongst corporates, due to the LCD display above the kiosk, meant for advertising.

The company is committed to offer infrastructure required by the companies for customised charging station as per client requirement. Not just that! In case of any technical glitch, we provide full service back-up for a hassle-free service.We work with a benchmark of assured round the clock service promise. We offer A3 line call centre for customers from day one to ensure prompt response to customers.

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We have presence at varied places and across segments including Malls, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Colleges, Corporate Places, Temples, Bus Stations, Highway Food Joints, etc. and the list would keep on increasing with time.

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